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I want to install BBS RS to 99M EK CIVIC !!

I think to do inch down wheel !!

Why ?? the reason is below.

①Price of tire is cheaper.

②Kinds of tire is many types.

③Smooth Driving.

The simple !!

I research internet shopping.

There are a few kinds.

I researched also Finished mass production wheel on net auction.

① RAYS TE37 グラベル


ADVAN Racing RC3

④ DESMOND Rega Master

⑤ CP-035

by my taste

This choice is sports and very light wheel.

But it is very very less kinds of wheel !!

EK9's wheel is p.c.d 114.3 and 5 hole. present car's wheel is p.c.d 100 and 4 hole.

When I researching, I find BBS RS !!

Good point of the wheel is genuine parts of TOYOTA.

Genuine parts of TOYOTA is mass production spec and good quality.

Also the wheel is 3 peace and light.

The wheel is installed to EK9 EK4 (96M~00M CIVIC) in japan.

I find that is very useful site !!

Best march of BBS wheel is easy to find !!

I bought BBS RS !!

BBS RS 213!!

I want to install to my car !!

But hub - diameter of the wheel is difference my car.

TOYOTA's hub - diameter :φ60

HONDA's hub - diameter :φ64

*HONDA's car is difference by model.

Therefor I request processor to cut the wheel !!

I found processor and introduce it on next blog !!